Day 957 It’s Saturday 

One of my best so far I think. Al and Ruth said it is. So did Drew. 

I decided to use my liquitex flesh as the darks with a little orange added to it. The lights are primary yellow flesh and white. The red is Quin red. I also used golden Indian yellow. The darkest darks are burnt umber and thalo blue. 

Not quite done. Still need to paint out the hash marks on the left. Or at least not end the brown like that.  

At the second break. The lighter dark is working well. Still a lot to do

And only half an hour left. Eek. After break will tackle the face and then the hands and whatever else I have time for.  

First break. Forty minutes Of painting. 

 I started by carefully measuring how many heads wide and tall Emily was.  For Example how many heads down was her right hand. I also used plumb lines to line up things like her right shoulder with the right side of her face. Her left wrist w the left side of her face.

I also decided that though the shadows on her face were very heavy purple was too dark and looked a little grey. So decided to make the darks peach w white and red orange made from Indian yellow and Quin or pyrrole red. I started w pyrrole  red and ended with the Quin red.

Al Beyer’s lovely huge oil -3×4′ in an hour and a half! 😳

DrewMurphys large nude. Love the face. And the drape. Actually love the whole thing. 

Iliana  Van Pelt oil. She’s growing an artist by leaps and bounds. 

AC Daniels lovely transparent oil. 

Marilyn Hartley’s lovely sketch w a little color. 

Kathe Dennis great swirly conte crayon. 

This one is hers too. Always love her lines all over the place.

Rachel Millers beautiful small watercolor. This girl is so talented. 

Fred’s tough lady. 

Tom Needham’s lovely watercolor. 

A very young mans pencil sketch. Great job!! 

Thanks for stopping by. Still worn out from the show which was a great success.

Margaret xoxoxo

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