Day 937 Its Saturday 

Sarah 24×30″ Acrylic alla prima. 

Her last modeling session before she moves to Los Angelos this week. We will miss her. She had such a sweet pensive look today. Maybe she was thinking about her big move. LA is a long way from Augusta Ga.  

The painting. Was done in an hour or so. I liked it when I left. Now I am not so sure but that’s life isn’t it?! Took a while and several restarts to decide how to paint her but after that it was easy. I turned the panel one way and then the other. Finally painted her vertically. 

She was in such a nice position with her legs extend I wished I had a big square to paint her on but oh well only a rectangle. 

Colors used titanium white pyrrole red and nickel azo gold for skin. Highlights are primary yellow mixed with the skin color. Shadows are Winsor purple added to the same mix. 

I used some thalo blue and that’s all the colors. 

Here she is at first break. Forty minutes.  

Last session I drew this large ink drawing of Sarah on a piece of mat board. It’s Sarah’s goodby present. Took about 15 minutes. 

Oops I forgot her hand and left leg. Oh well. 

Drawn with my Pentel brush pen and I bled the ink with a wet Winsor Newton flat fake mongoose brush for shading. 

It was a big crowd today. People were even sitting on the floor. Oh it’s good to be young. They were rewarded with Happy buttons for their floor positions. 

Al Beyer’s beautiful very large oil 3×4′. A great expression. 

Jeremy’s beautiful conte crayon sketch. 

Kathe’s wispy sketch. Love the wispiness of it. Conte crayon. 

Here it is before the background. 

Tom Needham’s beautiful watercolor. Background is Daniel Smith Quin coral. 

Marilyn Hartley’s lovely pencil charcoal and ink sketch. Wispy was in today. She really did a great face on this one. Looks just like Sarah. 

Another of Kathe Dennis’ lovely sketches charcoal this time. 

AC Daniels great oil though for some reason he later wiped out her leg.  

Coachs charcoal. Always a great job. And interesting. 

Rachel’s branching out. Pastel on arches. 

Fred still in his Mondigliani mood. 

Dawns sweet face of Sarah. 

Last but not least our lovely Iliana’s painting. Great colors. Wonderful face. 

And that’s it for today. There were More that got away without a photo. 

Margaret ready for a longggg nap. Xoxoxo who sold TEN paintings last nite. Hurrah!!! And the show has a month to go!!! 

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