Day 739!! Sunday

Mike High Overlook – Balsam point Great Smoky National Park.

 And it’s my grandsons fourth birthday so still busy busy busy. Off to Walmart to buy a pool to hide dinosaur bones in. We are digging for bones this afternoon. And a bouncy house. Who needs presents??! 

Oconaluftee Farm – Great Smoky National Park. If you haven’t been to the park you should. It’s truly a national treasure. So much to do and see and it’s all free. 

All of these sketches were done on Strathmore 500 watercolor paper or in a Strathmore mixed media 500 sketchbook. 

Most were done with a fine nib Carbon Platinum Pen with permanent Carbon Platinum ink. When I get home I will paint them and hopefully bind them into a book. 

Barred Rock chickens at Oconaluftee Farmstead. 

More Barred Rocks. Adding some elk prints to this one. They are everywhere at the farm eating the crops just like the deer. 

Oconaluftee River with a gain sycamore. A few lines was enough. I can always add more when I am done. 

Hopefully it will look like this when I get done. 

Huge hemlocks at Oconaluftee. 

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