Day 732- A Great Saturday 

Or at least my painting this morning turned out well I think. 

An LA Gallery saw it on Instagram and is interested in my work. YEAH Me. 

Anyway. I actually remembered to take in progress pics of her today. I thought you might like to see them. 

The first blocking in. The most important thing I learned this year was how to always get the whole figure on the canvas. You measure her head and use that to get both the height and the width of the figure. 

Who knew??! Only took me two years to discover that. You my dear readers can try it. Works every time. 

You will notice the long vertical lines. They are plumb lines I dropped off her head and shoulder to line her bday up farther down. 
Here she is at thirty minutes of work. 

At the next break. 

Almost done. Oh my goodness she’s not that thick thru the middle that’s her left arm. Duh!  

Here she is done. So far I don’t want to change anything.  A first for me. 

The canvas is toned w Golden Quin Nickel Azo Gold. The defuse is painted with Winsor Titanium White, liquitex flesh, burnt umber, and Thalo blue, plus Golden green gold, dioxzine purple, and pyrrole red Thanks for reading.