Day 757 Saturday

Already again. 

Always amazes me the variety and quality of the work done in only an hour and a half of painting. 

Ilania acrylic

24×30 Really like the way she turned out.  Tried to include her hands. Sometimes I think the acrylic is like trying to paint with butter cream. Detail is not easy. 

Also love the way her face turned out. I used very few brush strokes but the ones I used worked. 

Ruth Pearls Inktense and charcoal. Lovely job. You can follow her at Britpeach on Instagram if she’s public now. 

Drew Murphey Acrylic 24×30 Gorgeous job! 

Conte Crayon. Awesome Job. I wish I knew his name. He does lovely work. And the circles he adds are an interesting touch. 

CA s  oil. I teased him he had made her monumental like a thirties WPA painter. 

Cathe Dennis a dreamy oil. Her paintings are so soft and ethereal. 

Fred Bs out there acrylic. We joked he let out her Bete Noir. 

Tom Needhams acrylic. This is an underpainting. He ran out of time before he got a chance to add the flesh tone. It is almost done. 

Rachel Millers lovely pencil sketch. 

Thanks for reading 

Margaret xxx

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