Day 73? – About that Parrot 

Hot off the paint brush. Red macaw at parrot mountain. Best sketching fun I have had in a while. And it looks so much better painted. 

Pyrrole red alizarin Crimson maganese blue and the usual culprits cerulean burnt sienna Inathrodone blue all done wet on wet. Oh burnt umber for the blacks. 

I often wonder why I can draw animals and scenery in public as people drift by but if I am drawing people I like to hide my sketchbook. 

A peach cockatoo. He was too far away and people kept walking in front of the bird. Painted with a red orange soup that was on my Pallette. 

Entrance to Parrot Mountain and yes those are very steep steps. Pant pant. But the flowers are lovely.  Parrot Mountain takes in rescued birds of all types but most exotic birds like parrots and macaws and large parakeets. Owners don’t realize that some of these birds can out live them. 

We went in this way which is I guess the handicapped access- a concrete ramp which should be labeled ramp to heaven. Very steep!

A few macaws under their hats near the parking lot. Someone asked why they don’t fly away. They can’t. The wing feathers are cropped so the best they can do is flutter a short distance. Sad for the birds but at least they are well taken care of in a lovely jungly spot. 

Off for some lunch at the Plum Tea Room on the artists loop and away from the mobs of Gatlinburg or should I say herds?  So many people!

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx