Day 742 Return to Parrot  Mountain!! 

Happy Bastille Day!! Vive la France!! 

Love that place!! Rescued birds living in the middle of a gorgeous mountain top garden. 

I was experimenting with the tree backgrounds in these. Parrot Mountain is a garden in the woods. 


The parrots and cockatoos were just screaming draw me in thier hat villages.

If there’s anything I don’t like to paint in watercolor is trees and lots of greenery. I never know whether to go leafy or washy. So I did both. 

The washy background which was much easier to do. 

 I laid down a ground of light yellow green. Then kept adding darker and darker greens trying to loose some of my edges either with a damp brush or blotting with a wad of Kleenex.  

Doing some negative painting  I added dark blues and greens along the top of the bushes and then I splattered the bushes.  

I also flipped thru my two go to tree references for a quick refresher.  

Don’t know if it helped. 

They both have great color mixing tips. And the green chart in the second book. 

I am trying to practice for the painting of the big mountain strip- deciding on colors and techniques to use. At three feet long it’s a big watercolor. 
I also splattered both of the sketches.  The dirt on the cockatoos and the bushes on the parrot one. 

Anyway another busy day so off I go. Hope you are chilling in this  heat! 104 yesterday!! 😳😎

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx