Day 750 – Wow

That’s a lot of days of consecutive posting. You know it’s Saturday and usually I am over in Aiken with the group painting. Not today. It’s the day of the BIG wedding shower at the Swan House in Atlanta. Hoping to get some sketching done there. It’s a lovely old house and featured in movies like Hunger Games. 

HOWEVER I did work on these a bit this week. They were done on previous Saturday’s but not quite finished. 

Emily 24×30″ acrylic NOW I actually really like this a lot. Not bad for two hours of painting. 

The background was just too busy and competing with the expressionistic figure. I smeared a piece of board with bits of leftover paint on my palette sheet every week for a while. 

Then I decided to paint Emily on it.   She got a little wild. And for some reason I didn’t think she needed anything under her arm. I mean doesn’t everybody stick there arm straight out??! Duh!! So she got a draped box. 

If you knew Emily you would recognize her in this painting even though she’s really abstracted. 

Ilania. 34×30 acrylic 

I started off with her head the right shape. This was after about a half an hour of painting  but I thought her hair was not right. 

Trying to correct that I got her head too big for her body. 

So I trimmed down her chin and widened her body a bit. 

Now I like her much better. Though maybe a smidge too much of that Golden Green Gold. 

Ilania 20×24″

One more to go. She needs a drape under her left arm and her right arm is just hanging out I space. It was draped over a chair arm. 

The life of an artist one step forward and one step back. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx