Day 738 – Busy Busy

Spent a lot of time yesterday drawing around Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and NOT painting so here’s what I have painted. 

I have always liked this wedding chapel on the east parkway in Gatlingburg. 

Not the greatest photo. Sorry. Will try to repost it. 

Ivy Rose Wedding Chapel 

E Parkway  Gatlinburg Tennessee 

A better pic. I have decided it’s NOT a good idea to do a two page vertical spread on the steering wheel of a Prius. Maybe in a Cadillac but NOT in a Prius. 

This Strathmore  Mixed Media 500 Sketchbook is 8×10 which means I was sketching and painting a 20″ spread. 

All those vertical lines and perspective are challenging when they are NOT done in a car but add in no space in a Prius well – What was I thinking??! I also ended up with watercolor on my blouse. Cerulean. Thank goodness it came out. 
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx