Day 744 Saturday

You know if I am home I am off life drawing or should I say painting. A random sampling of today’s work. I know some for out the door and at least one that was fabulous and could not get a photo of it. 

Ilania. Cropped. from the big one

24×30″ Acrylic 

Because I got her head too big some how. She looks a little anorexic. Whole Ilania is slim she’s not this slim. I think it’s going to be easy to fix but we shall see on Wednseday. 

Strangely I got her foreshortened leg and foot right with no problem. And that was the hard part. Always is. Not the head. 

I started out with her head much smaller – and the right size-but kept trying to give her more face than hair because it was too big. Hmm guess that was the wrong approach.  Think I will paint out her chin and lips with some white and Quin gold and paint them back in.

Colors  Quin gold pyrrole red titanium white burnt umber dioxzine purple cad red light nickel azo gold. 

Al Beyers painting. Most of these are done in an hour and a half. Or less with breaks so the fact that any look good is amazing.  And  I like this one.

Drew Murphys like Drew Ilania is larger than life. His colors are wonderful. 

I wish I knew the guy’s name that drew this lovely pastel. I talk to him all the time but clueless as to his name. 

Cathe Dennis charcoal and conte crayon. Does it look like Ilania NO but I love it anyway. 

Tom Needhams lovely watercolor. 

Fred Bakers outrageous wild colored woman. 

And the engineers whose name I should know too because I talk to him even more than blue guy. 😏 I will learn their names. I really will. 

Anyway that’s it for today. Tune in later this week for an improved Ilnia I hope! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx