Day 749 – a Hmm 

I have probably said I am not fond of painting trees in watercolor. 

WIP – Oconaluftee River Great Smoky National Park

 ok the river was a green brown but really no blue at all!? I think I can salvage this one. We shall see. I did try to lift some of the color with a Mr Clean eraser BUT the Strathmore 500 watercolor paper  is not too fond of that.  The paint does love the paper so I wish it was easier to lift it. 

 Arches is supposed to be quite easy to lift from. We shall see. I have a stack of 8×10 Arches 300# ripped up to sketch on. Then I am going to bind them into a sketch book after I get a pile of them done. 

I want to paint like Charles Reid (check out his page on Facebook Charles Reid Art) does but tend to use them like acrylics. I can paint just about anything else with watercolor but trees and landscapes. I guess MORE practice. Lol 

WIP – Near Newfound Gap Great Smoky National Park

Definitely not what I was thinking of when I started this. The bottom is supposed to be rhododendrons  so I used masking fluid. So far it’s not working for me. A great sky though. 

Great Smoky National Park Near the Chimneys. Again not what I had in mind. 

I guess that’s the challenge of watercolor sometimes you win. Sometimes you totally screw up. I post my screw ups because it’s good to know you have company when you mess up your watercolors dear reader. 

Hands down watercolor is the hardest medium.  And that’s all I am going to say!! Thanks for reading. 

Since more practice is required this one is looking good for that. Yesterday I took a photo of this silly doe hiding in the neighborhood woods by the road   I guess she thought I couldn’t see her standing in the light looking out at me. 

The Van Gogh Museum posted  this one online yesterday. Nice woods. So I guess I need to try it once we are over big wedding shower weekend aka this weekend. Son is getting married soon. 
Margaret xxx