Day 731 Another Year?!

Who knows?! Maybe.  

Emily acrylic 24×30″

A face lift!! Remember I only painted in her perhaps an hour and half Saturday. This is a big painting. 24x 30″ in acrylic

I worked a bit on Emilys face yesterday. Especially the mouth and ear. And did more negative painting around the head. 

Here’s her head when I started. Not much of an ear. Lips and Bridge of nose off. Hair to light and brown. Ear flat.   I could go on. 

Emily acrylic 24×30″

Here’s the whole painting now. Worked a bit on the hands – highlight and shadows – and the breasts. She reminds me of a Van Gogh- one of the women he painted Madame somebody. 

Emily Saturday
Colors : Golden Nickel Azo gold and green gold. Liquitex Titanium white flesh pyrrole and cad red light.