Day 570 – A quickie 


Thought that would get your attention.  I shop too much at Costco and these are just Some of the things that I bought on two trips- one to pick up croissants and one to pick up those luscious new crop strawberries. 

I also bought a dog bed and four pounds of butter. 😋

Two friends and I were doing lunch when we started talking about we had on jeans we had bought at Costco the Amanda by Gloria Vanderbilt. 

And of course we had a good laugh about what else we were wearing that’s as bought at Costco like my boots. 

Next time we need to do lunch at Costco aka sample heaven in the afternoon.  Hard to resist those impulse purchases. 

Yesthe Florida strawberries are in!! 

I may go back and paint the background yellow. I meant too but got carried away on a map for my sons weddings save the date in September.

Colors. The letters started out as cobalt but were too pale so I added Inathrodone to them.  Cad red on strawberries.  All the green is hookers  w cobalt. Same  on the hydrangea and strawberry tops. Blacks are Inathrodone and burnt umber or burnt sienna. 

  Currently dyeing a mouse brown scarf red.  

 Right now it’s a nice rust but going to dunk it in food coloring since I already used all the koolaid. It’s soaking in vinegar and water for the next go round. If that doesn’t work back to Krogers for more tropical punch. 

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx

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