Day 558 – Which do you like? 

Background 1

I spent most of yesterday repainting the Ilenia’s background. This is the current background and my favorite so far.  I also did a lot of work on the bottom background adding alizarin here and there to tie it to the background. Trying to loose some edges and get rid of the pasted on look of the figure bits of the purpley dark was added to her hair to blend it into the background.  I had to completely paint out the blue background 2 with titanium white to get rid of the blue and paint the background as it is in the first picture. 

The background colors are burnt umber, alizarin and ultramarine blue. I also added touches of burnt sienna and yellow ochre. It always seems that I scumble backgrounds a lot. And of course some of it was just painted with a sable paint brush which gives a smoother finish than the hog bristle that I used for scumbling. 

Background 2 

I thought I would like this color better than I did.  It’s cerulean, nickel azo and titanium painted over background 3 which is really the first background I tried out and another I usually like. I thought it was too over powering. 

Background 3 

Burnt umber and ultramarine blue with some nickel azo over brushed or scumbled over the darker colors. 

TIP: if you get tired of getting up and walking back from your painting to look at it you cab use your home.   

 Here are a few other versions of background 1.

So my question dear readers is WHICH do you like? As I said so far background 1 is my favorite. 

Thanks for reading!

Margaret who is off to class to make great art tomorrow. Xxx