Day 565 – St Maclou 

St Maclou Neighborhood Rouen

Noodler Konrad Platinum Black Ink Strathmore 500 Mixed Media journal

I sketched this late one grey afternoon sitting under an old tree in the square in front of St Maclou which is a lovely Gothic Church surrounded by half timber buildings. People continually walked by and I dropped them in here and there in the drawing. 

St McClou was probably my favorite church. A gothic pile of confection like a wedding cake encrusted on every surface with lace and gargoyles and embellishments  of every kind. 

  The church is on the small side in the sketch  but I like it a lot anyway.   Originally I had the church too light. I was trying not to get it too dark but the house was too dominant so I had to darken it. 

I also darkened the sky which made the very light church pop more. 

Colors used. The ones I usually use aka I can’t remember which ones. Oops. Sorry!!

Thanks for reading. 


Day 565 – Place de la Concorde 


Place de la Concorde where Madame Guillotine once reigned and  Madame De Farge knitted madly away as royals heads rolled during the French Revolution. The place is enormous. The statues were nearby and the fountain and obelisk a long way off. 

  This was drawn while I sat on a bench in front of the L’Orangerie in the late afternoon. I think we had walked about 8 miles that day. A LONG day. Good to put my feet up and draw. 

I used a lot of Winsor yellow, Inathrodone Blues. The turquoise green on the lights was made with either Holbein Marine blue or Cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise. I can’t remember which. Sorry. I also used a lot of Quin magenta and coral and Quin gold to make it glow. 

Once again my brain is fried from too much walking in Hitchcock Woods in Aiken today. Not quite four miles.

Stay warm. Going down to twenty tonite. Brrrrr. Break out those wooly socks!!  

Margaret xxx