Day 575 – Monets Cathedral 


 Due to the Christmas Market construction it was impossible to get close by to sketch so I stood in the middle of the street – swarmed by shoppers on the Rue de Gros Horolage  which  runs into the Rouen Cathedral. 

Since Monet painted it 28 times I could not resist its lure and sketched.  Sadly it was also closed so no tours that day. Rouen I shall return. 

  It’s gone thru lots of changes. This is the original light version of it. 

I darkened the cerulean sky to make the cathedral pop aka contrast. Originally this was painted w a coat of Winsor yellow and vermilion for shadows with touches of cerulean and burnt sienna. I was trying to keep it light and airy. 

Last nite that didn’t suit so I darkened the sky with Marine blue and added darks of Inathrodone Blue and burnt umber plus more burnt sienna to the cathedral. 

A second sky wash did not make the Strathmore mixed media journal happy. It was very crummy and blobby. I almost wish I had left it alone.

Which do you prefer?! Tell me what you think oh readers.  I can take it. 😘

Thanks for Reading!!

Margaret on 26 heading to Asheville. Xxx