Day 557 – Saturday Life Modeling

 Ilenia after about an hour and a half of painting. Acrylic 30×36 hardboard panel

 Always a fun weekly event. 

I thought she was going well for working in the dark. For some brilliant reason I had my easel turned AWAY from the light. Maybe because we breeze in right before start time. Hopefully next time I will set it up right. 

Obvious problem was the bottom leg was too long. Her knee sticks out to far. I think that was due to slight shifts in the pose during breaks. Hard to resume the exact pose every time. 

Here she is now. Knee shortened. Top hip lengthened a bit on the left. All that foreshortening is such a pain. 

The background needs more work. The brown is too dark and those triangles at her feet need to go!  😳

Hard to paint such a big piece in a few hours. I think I have about five hours in it now. Dos I say I use big brushes.  

 Ilenia by Al Beyer – oil – at least 3×4′

This is Al Beyer’s aka painting. He was painting a few feet to my left. Always interesting to see how he goes about painting the model.

And how different the model looks just a few feet to my right or left. Al to my left barely saw her head. 

Lee drawing on my right had her full profile whereas I barely saw her nose. 


Als after two hour session which is really an hour and a half or so.  
 Colors used: all  golden or liquitex -titanium white, nickel Azo gold, pyrrole red, cad yellow, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, alizarin Crimson. I buy artist grade but whichever is cheaper or the color I like better. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 556 A bit of Mixed Media


What do you do with all thosepostcards  you pick up on your travels!? Mine usually stay in a cubby hole in the desk til I have a clean up and toss them. 

 Sad to say I the only thing I bought for this book was the Eiffel Tower on the front when we were in Les Andelys and of course the postcards. 

 I collected a lot of ephemera like the items on the back.  I have two bags full. I needed a map for the accordion part of the book. Did I bring ONE map back. Not a one. 

Luckily I found some copyright free maps on the internet and printed it out. I printed several but only used this one. 

The accordion was also made from the map.

Here’s a shot of the book with the accordion extended. Each postcard is backed with vellum so that you can journal on it about your trip.  Thinking I may glue some more of my ephemera in it. 

I have a large bag of stamps left from when I did a lot of mixed media. Could I find it?! After hours of looking I did and NOT ONE French stamp. Finally I did yesterday morning. An hour and a half of going thru the bag  – stamp by stamp – I finally found about a dozen. I actually had separated them back when I got them but put them in with the Italian stamps. 

   I had several that were larger than the rest and wanted to use them anyway so I cut them down and mounted them on some paper that I already had.  Since of course I now had a surplus of stamps I had to add a few to these pages. 

This is the book that has the directions for the accordion postcard book. Fairly easy to make. And only took about five hours to assemble. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx