Day 557 – Saturday Life Modeling

 Ilenia after about an hour and a half of painting. Acrylic 30×36 hardboard panel

 Always a fun weekly event. 

I thought she was going well for working in the dark. For some brilliant reason I had my easel turned AWAY from the light. Maybe because we breeze in right before start time. Hopefully next time I will set it up right. 

Obvious problem was the bottom leg was too long. Her knee sticks out to far. I think that was due to slight shifts in the pose during breaks. Hard to resume the exact pose every time. 

Here she is now. Knee shortened. Top hip lengthened a bit on the left. All that foreshortening is such a pain. 

The background needs more work. The brown is too dark and those triangles at her feet need to go!  😳

Hard to paint such a big piece in a few hours. I think I have about five hours in it now. Dos I say I use big brushes.  

 Ilenia by Al Beyer – oil – at least 3×4′

This is Al Beyer’s aka painting. He was painting a few feet to my left. Always interesting to see how he goes about painting the model.

And how different the model looks just a few feet to my right or left. Al to my left barely saw her head. 

Lee drawing on my right had her full profile whereas I barely saw her nose. 


Als after two hour session which is really an hour and a half or so.  
 Colors used: all  golden or liquitex -titanium white, nickel Azo gold, pyrrole red, cad yellow, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, alizarin Crimson. I buy artist grade but whichever is cheaper or the color I like better. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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