Day 569 – Rolling down the River -Moisson

I was really into the sketch out the window by the time we got to Moisson. Or should I say floated by Moisson. 

 If you go there you won’t see this exact landscape started with the church and kept adding interesting houses as we passed them. The foreground trees were added last.

 A fun challenge to see how quickly you could draw the passing buildings. 

Odd now that I think about it we didn’t see people in the landscape. Or maybe I was so fascinated with the unique character of the buildings I didn’t notice the people?

The trees lining the riverbank were  often a frothy light green and always loaded with mistletoe. As one of our guides said ” We French like to kiss a lot so we leave the mistletoe in the trees.”

Colors used Apatite green and hookers.  The apatite green granulates into lovely purples and Browns. Quin gold and red orange in the rusty trees. Winsor yellow to lighten the greens. Greys are burnt sienna and cerulean or Inathrodone. Blacks Inathrodone and burnt umber. Sky water blues cerulean. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret watching the grey muddy Savannah River rush by  during another deluge. Xxx