Day 564 A -Ilenia part deux

Uses a one inch and an one and a half inch hog bristle to lighten the offending darks. I also added white and cobalt blue to the background using sheer layers. Lightened a lot of the face shadows with a watered white. 

No beards on Ilenia!! 

Of course I lightened the background w a dry white and cobalt blue. It helps soften some of her edges. Probably could do more but I am leaving her alone for now. 

Thanks for checking in!! 

Margaret who is off to knit and contemplate another painting. Xxx

Day 564 – Ilenia time!

After forty minutes work. Other than her eyes were a little close together I think I like this one better than the more finished product. Like the immediacy and the brush strokes – the looseness of it. 

This was painted with three colors. Goldens Nickel ago gold, alizarin Crimson and titanium white. I did add ultramarine and burnt umber to the hair. 

  Here she is now. Looking a little too old and what’s with the stripe on her tummy!? And the neck. An old lady chicken neck. Not good on a thirty year old. Too many hard edges. 

 That’s ALL got to go. No more small brushes!  If it’s not a big hog bristle I can’t use it. Lol. 
Back to the easel!!

Repost her when she gets better!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx