Day 554 – La Bouef Sur la Toit 

A slick restaurant around the corner from our hotel. It means Beed on the Roof. Delicious food. Glad I finally got this one painted. 

I used lots of Quin gold, also Quin sienna and Phthalo blue. Quin coral. Grey hair is burnt sienna and cerulean. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 553 – Montmartre 

Do you like it better with the red Moulin Rouge or all ink?! 

I really have to quit drawing these in my sketchbook. Somebody is already asked to buy it or a print. So now I have to draw it over. WHY    do I do these things?! 

Carbon pen with carbon platinum ink.  Great fine point pen but sometimes it leaks BLOBS On your just drawn paintings. Sigh. BIG blobs.

I have a French Seine riverbank landscape I was working on yesterday.  Yes.  You guessed it. BIG BLACK blob. No warning. 

It also leaks into the cap which can cause problems. Sigh. What’s a girl to do?!  

I know. White out?! 😜

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx