Day 571 – Save the DateĀ 

The finished product. 

I thought you might like to see how I arrived at this final save the date map. 

The pencil sketch was sent for final proofing and approval before I inked and painted it.  

The inked proof. It got changed. 

The inked map before I painted it. 

Here it is with locations colored.  The colors are off in this scan. 


Background 1. I copied it and tried out different backgrounds.  

A pencil background. 

A different green. Hard to maintain the green wash on typing paper. 

I used the scrap on the left to test colors. This was TOO solid green so I blotted it off and added some gold. I have to say the color lifted easily from the paper. Just a wet tissue did it. 

The final product drying. I like the more mottled background. 

Thanks for reading. Map on!!!!

Margaret off to class.  Xxx