Day 565 – St Maclou 

St Maclou Neighborhood Rouen

Noodler Konrad Platinum Black Ink Strathmore 500 Mixed Media journal

I sketched this late one grey afternoon sitting under an old tree in the square in front of St Maclou which is a lovely Gothic Church surrounded by half timber buildings. People continually walked by and I dropped them in here and there in the drawing. 

St McClou was probably my favorite church. A gothic pile of confection like a wedding cake encrusted on every surface with lace and gargoyles and embellishments  of every kind. 

  The church is on the small side in the sketch  but I like it a lot anyway.   Originally I had the church too light. I was trying not to get it too dark but the house was too dominant so I had to darken it. 

I also darkened the sky which made the very light church pop more. 

Colors used. The ones I usually use aka I can’t remember which ones. Oops. Sorry!!

Thanks for reading. 


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