Day 566 -Quai Grenelle / Radio France


Quai Grenelle / Radio France building as the sun was setting. It does that early in Paris because it sits at such a northern latitude. That said the walk along the quai was  bustling with people going for evening walks. 
The people were added as they walked across the path at the top of the quai. I really think people bring a landscape or cityscape to life. 

This part of Paris had a lot of interesting modern buildings which I would still like to draw. The terrorists interfered with my plan. 

This is painted with a bottom coat of Winsor Yellow and bits of Quin gold. 

The blue is mostly cobalt blue which is a good transparent color. Harder to get muddy colors if you start out with transparent colors. 

Greys are cobalt and burnt sienna or inathradone blue and burnt sienna. 

Trees are Quin gold and hookers green and green apatite with Inathrodone blue. 

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