Day 559 Rue de Renard 

Opposite the Cafe La Pause Beaubourg near the Hôtel de Ville in the Marais. Also down the street from the Pompidou where we had spent the morning. 

Absolutely loved the art in the Pompidou. What a massive building. With its insides on the outside odd looking among the late 19th century Hausmann style building. And this day so hot inside. No cold weather when we were in Paris during November. A very muggy 70-80 degrees with 91% humidity. 😳

I was impressed with the great masses of humanity walking the streets of the Marais.

 People everywhere and almost to a man or woman dressed in black. Evidently after September one must wear black in France!! And most had their faces down reading their phones. 

TIP: I always take a just in case photo of my drawings as I do them. I actually popped the original photo of this into Waterlogue to see what it would do and tried painting it that way.  Not easy since the colors in the ap are not normal watercolors. But fun to try. 

Colors used!! Painted with my travel pallette. Cerulean, Quin gold and Quin sienna on the buildings.  Quin magenta, burnt umber and Inathrodone for the darks and watered down for the side walks and greys. 

Red is cad red mixed w Quin coral to brighten it. I was too lazy to go dig up my Quin red.  Lol. 

A little hookers green and some phtalo blue. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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