Day 490 – Bayeux Tapestry 


I drew this as the bus whisked us to see the Bayeux Tapestry. The scenery is so gorgeous. Looks nothing like America. Charming buildings abound. And Lombardy poplars everywhere. 

 The Bayeux Tapestry is a most amazing sight. 72 meters long. About 78 yards maybe 30 inches wide. At some point someone wrote numbers for each scene on the top edge with what looks like a magic marker. Really. Not quite as long as a football field. You have to wonder how long it took to stitch it together.  


Supposedly it was made in England by monks under the leadership of Bishop Odo who was William the Conqueror’s half brother not by Williams wife Matilda in front of her fire. The stitching, a laid stitch, is an English stitch and not French or Flemish. 

 Arromanche where we had lunch at 6 Juin Cafe- best meal since La Bouef sur la Toit. Amazing food. 

Sorry I can’t post pics because photos were not allowed.  It is over 1000 years old after all. Bayeux itself is well worth your time too. Incredibly gorgeous and charming Norman town with many old buildings and an impressive cathedral of course. 

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