Day 458 – Zoe

Zoe Pentel brush pen in Superaquabee tablet 

It’s not easy to draw an all white FLUFFY Jack Russel with black ink. Her fur is very wispy with a Mohawk down her back and bushy eyebrows. Impossible to draw those bushy white eyebrows with black ink. Zoe is a broken coat which means she has long hair AND short hair.  An extra challenge. 

Then there is her muzzle with black nose and lips and white hair with dots and a greyish cast. 😜 another inky challenge!! 
So I started shading which was done by smearing ink with my fingers before it dried completely. The ink is permanent so if you wait to long it won’t move on most paper. 

A redraw with my other non waterproof Pentel brush pens could be fun but we are off to the Magnolia cemetery ghost walk one of the most haunted spots in Augusta GA and the Hispanic festival. Hoping for lots of opportunities for sketching and photos for paintings!! And NO rain. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 458 – Zoe

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      They are supposed to have folded ears. All of ours did til I found Zoe at the pound. I almost left her because of her Wierd ears and her Mohawk. But now she’s number 1 top dog. Everybody loves Zoe.


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