Day 1263 My plein air day

So far. I drew all day long. The weather was perfect and there were a lot of interesting things to draw. No idea why I drew in pencil today other than I was enjoying doing that. HB lead mechanical pencil in my Stillman and Birn.

The food trucks and my fav beloved Atlanta’s King of Pops. Did you know if you paint over your pencil sketches with water they won’t smear?! Oh and you can no longer erase them. The bikes and the Gnarled Oak tree

These really need some watercolor but I am too tired from all the walking drawing and standing around today. A long day.

This was better than the crepe I ate in Paris in the Marais. I didn’t like the French one at all. This was light and crispy and delicious. The Le Petit Rendezvous Creperie Food trick owner and his assistant loved that I drew my lunch. They can’t wait to see it painted.

A lecture by Scott Gellatly a participant and Gamblin Rep

A couple of random Guys in the audience. I liked their hats and their beards.

Suzie Baker was patiently waiting for Joe Gyurcsak, the Blick Utrecht rep, to set up so they could paint each other. John Guernsey was painting in the background.

Ok so I loved Suzy’s wonderful sun hat. It was enormous. I might need one. Then I could hide in it.

She and Joe Gyurcsak kept up a running conversation. I learned that Patricia Cromwell thought Walter Sickert a famous English painter was Jack the Ripper and destroyed many of his works of art trying to prove exactly that. They also talked about everything from paint to painting and easels. A fun day.

Tomorrow the quick paint. Check in at 8 am. 😱 better get to bed soon.

Margaret having a wonderful weekend. Xoxoxo But next weekend I am staying home!!!

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