Day 1262 Olmsted 2 It’s Saturday

Which in my book is time to draw and maybe paint. That’s going to happen a lot at the Olmsted Linear Parks today.

John Brian Guernsey of Marietta did a demo yesterday. I got there a little late and plopped down next to YerZa Vue though I didn’t know it was her at the time and proceeded to sketch James painting.

I knew better than to put that eye in like that. What was I thinking?! Rusty. It only takes a day off to get like that.

Like Yer Za he was very generous in his suggestions on how to do a pleine air painting.

And painted about 45 minutes.

I love he brought a dry erase board to write tips on. How organized is this guy?! I know he’s right about rule one. Not sure about rule two. Will have to think about that one.

A great painting of a rather nondescript house we would all just pass by. He painted from this picture. Obviously this house was not in very upscale mansion Kaiden Druid Hills.

Thought it was a great idea that he taped the photo write below the painting so he could see it. It’s always a problem what to do with the photograph and this is a good solution.

As a NOT organized person I always interested in how other painters set up their easels. Looks like he used a lot of tape on a regular easel. Why didn’t I think to ask him what type it was. Maybe I will see him again today. And I will ask.

Portable easels are always of interest to me. They usually spend a lot of time falling over so a good one is a topic of conversation with my painter friends.

Off I go for another day of fun on a perfect spring day in Atlanta. As Yer Za said if it’s NOT fun why are we doing it. Something I have been known to say to my classes too.

Margaret poking along on this cool Saturday morning. Xoxoxo

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