Day 1262 one more Montmartre painting

It has a nice glow to the center. Like it still not sure.

And it pales (it’s the one in the middle) next to the other two smaller ones. Thinking about adding more of the dramatic black but first another road trip to paint pleine aire in the Olmstead Linear Parks Druid Hills in Atlanta this weekend. Should be a mob scene.

Colors used in all three: imperial purple quin burnt orange cobalt teal cobalt new gamboge lemon yellow aliZarin crimson green gold neutral tint cad red light. Oh a a dab of Naples yellow gouache.

Papers right to left richeson cp 300 lb , Fabriano 140 cp and canson art board cp.

Margaret whose getting tired of packing and unpacking. Xoxoxoxo #sketching #iainstewart #aquarelle #watercolor #stillmanandbirn #ink #lettering #dailydrawing #coloringbook #allaprima #watercolor #danielsmith #Paris #france #monmartre

2 thoughts on “Day 1262 one more Montmartre painting

  1. dhstetler says:

    Neither the color, nor the perspective, nor the architecture (doesn’t matter if this IS a real photographic perspective) draws and controls the eye. This is a picture within a picture, and one of them seemingly unnfinished. The eye is not drawn anywhere. Aways the lighting of a scene, at different times of day, makes or breaks a photograph–and is true here in this attempt? Love ‘ya, Maggie. Go to Atlanta.You are the most alive artist I know.

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