Day 1261 How many times

Evidently a lot.

Value Sketch – Montmartre and Sacre Couer

On canton board

Number 1 on canson watercolor board. painting? Loathe the sky. Otherwise not too bad. Not sure I like the really dark buildings on the right and left and darks on the people.

Richeson sketch. Oh never try to erase with a wet eraser. Eekkk what a mess. Grey stripes on the woman.

Number 2 on richeson coldpress 300 lb. I have decided I hate this paper. It absorbs like a sponge taking forever to dry. Can’t paint a straight line on it either.

Only thing I like about it is the sky wash and the Sacre Couer.

Maybe they will grow on me.

Attempt 3 on Fabriano on the easel. Already don’t like it. 😱😢

Margaret xoxoxo whose going to do something useful like walk the dog.

#sketching #aquarelle #watercolor #stillmanandbirn #ink #lettering #dailydrawing #coloringbook #allaprima #watercolor #danielsmith #Paris #sacrecouer #monmartre


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