Day 1260 – Iain Stewart

Painting a sketch I did of Iain in my Stillman and Birn Beta.

Just a pencil sketch this time done quickly while he was painting.

Colors used : DS serpentine green, raw sienna, cad red light, manganese blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ultramarine blue and bright orange.some of Iains paintings and a sketch.

I was surprised that they were all on 140 # paper. Hmm.

Not fond of 140# myself because of the puddles formed by it waffling up when you paint on it. Also it rarely dries flat so you have to iron it.

However I LOVE the first painting. Had to strongly resist the impulse to buy it.

See ya tomorrow. Got to run some washes. Margaret xoxoxo who also needs to walk the dog.

#urbansketching #sketching #iainstewart #aquarelle #watercolor #stillmanandbirn #ink #lettering #dailydrawing #coloringbook #allaprima #watercolor #danielsmith #Charlotte

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