Day 1247 Jake- Picking away now!

The deadline for the SC show is April 27!! No time to dwaddle. I thought Jake as I am calling him was done til I noticed I had lost several lights. So back to my handy dandy masking tape and mr clean wipe out erasers. I did say I cut them up into wedges didn’t I?! Get 8 or so out of one eraser. Cheap Joes also sells them already cut up. Both work.

When you lift highlights a lot of times you have to soften the edges giving opportunities to loose the white. Then it’s time to lift again. Eeekkk

I also added some darks to his hair on the left of the neck and ear. Combos of burnt sienna and manganese. A few were burnt umber. Quite like those. Two tones wispy bits of u could only see Jake in person.

And I started another one called Waiting. On hot press Fabriano. Definitely abs exciting experience since you can NOT lift off this one. Aka NO Mr Clean will work on it. NIGHTMARE time.

First washes on her face. It looks like I actually know how to paint.

A few leaves added and painted a bit on the bucket. They don’t make me so nervous as the face. Aka harder to mess them up. Hang on I bet I can. I will say the hot press is just lovely paper somehow so rich.

Ok the flowers are knocking me off my feet and looks awful. PRAY for me. Where I stopped.

Flowers are such a pain to paint. I better go watch some Wei Taillendier flower painting YouTube’s. She paints great flowers. I did manage to blot a lot of the red off with clean water and a Kleenex. Hurrah. Somebody send me a red camellia and a few carnations so I can see what I am painting.

Painted some more in my sketchbook from Kim Johnson’s class to warm up at SEVEN AM this morning.

No wonder I am now tired 12 hours later.

And that’s enough for today don’t you think!?

Good nite. Off for a walk. Margaret. xoxox

Jake 13×22”- a random guy in Brevard #foreshortening #coldpress #watercolor #aquarelle #fabriano #fabrianoartistico #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham #jake #transparent #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #watercolorpainting #watercolorartist #portrait #brevard #wnc #waiting #hotpress

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