Day 1247 getting done

Quit about six after painting for hours. Not done yet but getting there. Still have to paint his hair and the right side of the background. And darken the left background. Or I am worried his face is to dark. Sigh.

Love his arms. I do have more paper and so can do him again. We shall see.

I used the palette from Kim Johnson’s class. Colors used quin gold quin sienna cerulean cobalt ultramarine alizarin burnt umber burnt sienna serpentine green cad red light. Think that’s all.

Oh I kept painting over my lights. I learned this trick in John Salimens class.

Tape off the area you want to lift with masking tape. Be sure it’s stuck down well. Using a wedge of wet Mr Clean eraser wipe it over the exposed watercolor. Then dab it with a Kleenex. It will take it back almost to white.

A tip worth every penny I paid for Johns class.

Margaret xoxoxox worrying if the face is too dark.

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