Day 1246 Trying to warm up

Painting old sketches from Kim Johnson’s class before I tackle this monster.

Half sheet cold press. 15×22″ Hope to enter him somewhere.

Love the way Karen Turned out. Lots of Juicy color. And it was a good sketch. In love with her curly hair too.

Wonky drawings are hard to fix but I tired. I had her eyes off one was higher than the other one.

And this sketch of Kim was just trash. But hey it’s a warm up right?! Scribbles on both of them with grease pencils which are a lot of fun.

Decided the big brown drip between the spray bottle and water bucket had to go. Too distracting.

Colors used Quin gold burnt sienna burnt umber ultramarine blue cerulean serpentine green a yellow cad red light purple. Can’t remember which purple. Oops.

Layer 1. 🤢Always makes me nervous.

Sketches in my stillman and birn which I used for my class notes. I take a lot of notes in the back few pages of my sketch books.

Layer 2. Requires deep breathes. Guess it’s time to paint the big guy. A random guy I took a pic of last fall in Brevard. Sketched with a soft mechanical pencil.

#watercolor #watercolorpainting #charlotte #georgia #art #painting #artist #sketching #georgiawatercolorsociety #abstractart #ink #mixedmedia #stillmandandbirn

Margaret whose going to find something to eat and then tackle the big guy. Xoxoxo

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