Day 1151 Wow and the Tale of the Livias

I didn’t realize yesterday what my 1150 consecutive day of daily posting on my website. I even posted from aboard a Viking riverboat on the Seine and in Paris. Oh on the Sunshine Parkway as we drove to Key West too. Lol πŸ˜‚

< strong>The Tale of the Livias. A very popular name in our family but this is Livia I named after Augustus Caesars wife when my son Ben was watching a Sir Derek Jacobi series I Claudius an old BBC masterpiece series. Sir Derek was a young man in it.

Anyway Livia is his favorite female name. When he has a daughter he’s naming her Livia and his son will be nicknamed Gus aka Augustus one of his favorite Romans. Hmm. <<<<<
the pit bull is now 11 and not doing very well. She has Cushings making her thin as a rail and loosing hair. Poor baby.

Livia I. #instadogs #dogs #pittie #pitbull #watercolor #aquarelle #terrier #art #painting #atlanta #chien #decatur #allaprima #ink.

course his brother watched the same show and decided to name his now 3 yr old daughter Livia as in Livia II.

Then my nephew named his 2 yr old Olivia. Guess what she's called. What else LIVIA!! I guess they did that so grandmas won't forget their names. Lol.

Colors used. Page is washed with French yellow ochre. The dog is painted with quin gold and rust. Black ultramarine blue and burnt umber. Ditto for eyes. Blue green is Cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise. Love that color.

Stillman and Birn alpha w Lamy Ef Eelskin Black Ink.

Margaret in Decatur who moved house today. Xoxoxo

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