Day 1133 Harmony Plaza Oakhurst Decatur

I spent a couple of hours drawing in Harmony Plaza the center of Oakhurst Decatur. Kids are so hard to draw. They never hold still. Constantly on the move. The kids love the large yellow sculpture which they use as a jungle gym. Where all the kids on it at the same time?! Nope. One of them made the drawing twice.

Colors used Marine blue cerulean burnt sienna ultramarine burnt umber cad yellow pyrrole red green apatite

noodler Ahab pen Noodler eelskin ink Strathmore alpha sketchbook

Happy Sketching. Margaret whose heading home soon. Xoxoxo

#decatur #oakhurst #harmonyplaza #atlanta #georgia #urbansketching #urbansketch #usk #watercolor #ink #aquarelle #oakhurstmarket

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