Day 1132 Off to do a bit of Atlanta and Decatur

Everybody’s Eating Ice Cream Harmony Plaza Oakhurst

Hard to believe that only a week ago everyone in Atlanta and Decatur was running around in SHORTS. A week later it was up to 11 inches of SNOW and freezing temps.

Last week Harmony Plaza was loaded with kids gobbling ice cream from Oakhurst Market and climbing in the sculpture playing ball. Yesterday nobody was there. NOT ONE person. Too cold.

One thing about the weather it got me painting my sketches which were building up. Couldn’t go anywhere with the snow the ice and the cold cold temps not letting it melt off like it usually does here in a day or even as fast as it comes down.

And a panorama or two out the back window of the endless snow Friday. But today I am off to sketch somewhere in Atlanta since the High is closed today. Maybe early tomorrow before I head home?!

Colors used pyrrole red cerulean ultramarine blue burnt umber sienna green apatite or is it green hematite?! Yellow ochre quin gold marine blue sky!!

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Everybody’s Eating Ice Cream #decatur #oakhurst #harmonyplaza #atlanta #georgia #urbansketching #urbansketch #usk #watercolor #ink #aquarelle #oakhurstmarket

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