Day 1123 Lazy Friday

Has planned to go off sketching somewhere in Atlanta today but is was a cloudy foggy morning and somehow that never inspires me. Started watching the Tommy Kane Danny Gregory Sletchbookskool video and decided to draw Lucy dog who was nearby lounging away the day while I listened to the video. My cross hatching was a little scribble so decided to punch it up.

Two hours later this is what I have done! It’s only 5×8. I used my Lamy EF right side up and upside down in a stillman and birn alpha. I might add a watercolor background but I might not. We will see.

wish I had taken more pictures of it. This was before I darkened the chair line work and added some very light cross hatching to the rug.

Think it needs something in the right top corner. We shall see.

Here’s what I was drawing. Edited out the boxes of Christmas decorations since they are not usually there. And yes Lucy dog is still snoozing.

Ttyl the sun is out and I am hungry maybe drawing with some lunch.

Margaret xoxoxo who should do something with her wild curly hair first.

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