Day 752 Another Dawg and a new sock!

My grandchildren a beloved Lucy Dawg most frequently found snoozing on the sofa. I mean on guard dog duty. She’s. Briard Collie brindle rescue dog and a real sweetheart. 

Same dog second position. She never woke up. I moved. 

Carbon Platinum Black ink in my old Noodler Creaper in Super Deluxe Aqua Bee.  

Back to my grandsons socks. He tried to make a net out of my scraps. Then I figured out he was trying to knit and saying net. When I figured out what he meant he told me the colors and gave me the yarn he wanted and then ran back to add rainbow socks. He’s four. I laffed a lot. 

His chosen colors. Just as he gave them to me. He also wants lots of green. Glad he wears a small sock. Size 10-11 T. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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