Day 751 Lazy Sundays with Dawgs

This should have posted here last not but it was on that other website I have. Sigh. Really just delete it. 

Sketching is like anything else if you want to do it well you have to keep up the practice. 

These are drawn with various noodler Konrads in an Aquabee sketchbook. 

Maron D’artrementis ink. Great new Noodler Konrad but the next time I used it to address an envelope all the ink poured out in my hand. 

Zoe was very wiggly when I drew these. Maron D’artrementis ink. 
This was the first one. Eek. What was I thinking. Not enough practice. 
I could blame it on the pen with no ink. It was out of ink but I didn’t discover that till I started scratching with it. Literally scratching.  

 I couldn’t get up to fill it or she would have followed me. And then her pose was shot. Brown document ink all gone. 

Reloaded one of the pens. No idea what color the ink was. I think a noodler Creaper in carbon platinum black ink. 
Thanks for reading.
Margaret xxx sleepless in Atlanta 

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