Day 282 – Running out of ink!

 and some more food sketching. 

 Brownie and chocolate chip ice cream desert  at the Wild Plum Tea Room.  I think I might be obsessed with food but it was delicious served on a sweet pink and white rose china plate including a doily.  

I used my kuretake brush pen  and a pitt pen plus caran d’ache. 

Need to add something to the title. Maybe a plum because I didn’t space the lettering out enough. 


 A warning about the kuretake brush pen.  I love it. I got a converter for it too but it runs out very quickly when doing a large sketch like this one with all the black line work. I think I refilled it three times in the process. My Pentel brush pen which I left back at home would still be full of ink. I guess it’s a small price to pay for being able to use  platinum carbon black ink in a brush pen but it’s annoying to refill so frequently.  

 The other day I went out sketching and ran out of ink. It was especially great for sketching trees but I ran out before I could finish. 

Now I have to drive back up the mountain and finish this. To make the scenario perfect I left my Pentel brush pen at home 234 miles away. Not fun to refill the pen with a bottle of ink in the car. Sigh! 

Thanks for looking!!

3 thoughts on “Day 282 – Running out of ink!

  1. Larry Marshall says:

    Margaret, I’m not sure which kuretake brush pen you’re talking about but I’ve got the Kuretake 13. I use the same cartridges in it as I do in my Pentel brush pen. The one problem with converters is that they typically hold less ink than do cartridges and often this is made worse by not getting the converter filled properly. Are you injecting ink into it with a syringe? I don’t think it will work properly if you’re trying to suck it up through the brush tip and end up with bubbles.

    For myself, I love converters in my fountain pens but, as you suggest, these brush pens use a lot of ink and so I carry Platinum Carbon cartridges with me and never truly run out of ink for them.

    Really nice sketches, regardless of the ink limitations 🙂

    Cheers — Larry


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Great info Larry. will have to check the other Kuretake out. This is one of the low end models. Just filling it with the plunger. I do flick the “cartridge” to knock the air out but who knows. Do you know if you can get carbon platinum cartridges for a Pentel brush pen? Where do you get the carbon platinum cartridges?


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