Day 271 – A Bayeux Tapestry?! Part 1

A friend, Neil Foster, dubbed it my Bayeux tapestry and oddly it does look a bit like it. 


 7 feet of Moleskine accordion book. Colored with Tombows and watercolor  markers. Drawn with my Pentel brush pen.  

 And the question is – do the back??! 

I could hang it on the wall the way it is now.  If I do the back you can only ever see one side  and some of the watercolor and pen did bleed thru to the back. I could cover it up by writing all over the background. Too many decisions.  I m not going to think about it. It will tell me when it’s ready. 


I did the last 35 inches at the Edgewood target Starbucks in Altlanta which is most of this panel. The first five people were done at the Inner Bean in Augusta. 


 Most of these figures were done at the Inner Bean in Augusta thought here is a big overlap of figured. 

I drew this in four sessions. These are the last two. A lot of fun. If only the paper in the moleskine were better. I have been looking for better paper while I am in Atlanta to possibly make my own. I will keep u posted. 

TIP: Run and buy a tube of flesh gouache.  I used Winsor Newton. That was the only gouache sold at Utrecht Dick Blick where I went today.   A God send for the pen strokes that went astray. I LOVE IT!! Covered all the boo boos. And I always find a good flesh color in gouache is a pain to mix. 

Oh another tip. Walkers can make the best people to draw swinging their arms or the dog park people standing around yakking. 

Will post part 2 tomorrow. 

 Thanks for looking!