Day 294 – homework 

I mean cars. Taking a Sketchbookskool class called stretching. This week is Lapins week. 

Lapin loves to do urban sketching drawing food people and cars. He even moved from France to Barcelona because there is such an active urban sketching group in Barcelona. How’s that for dedication!?

 He also likes to paint in old ledger books. Definitely a different look to that paper. More transparent but that’s for tomorrow. 

 Stuck getting my Prius first checkup yesterday I drew and painted cars in the dealership. Usually I draw on site and skulk off home to paint at leisure. I used my old Winsor newton field allege and a Cotman pallette I reloaded with all my quinacridones and a Niji water brush. I had never realized that  using a waterbrush would make the colors more delicate.  Hard to get lots of color with a waterbrush. 

The Scion.  A sporty model that was on the showroom floor. We drooled over it when I was car shopping last fall but was practical and got a Prius. 

Painted with cerulean and burnt umber greys. The windshield is a green blue. Pen is a Staedler in my Stillman and Birn. 


Still waiting. One car done so why not draw another?! A big Lincoln SUV was parked right outside the window nearest me. Have you ever tried to paint a white car that is mostly in the shade?! Careful or you get a blue car. 😁 background is cerulean and yellow ochre. 

Don’t forget to cover up your car when you splatter the background. 

Thanks for looking!