Day 282 – Cataract Falls


Took a nice walk behind the Sugarlands Visitor Center to Cataract Falls. 

The waterfalls are difficult to draw with water threading over dark black rock. I am going to add some white gouache to the water to see if it perks it up a little. It was drawn with my Noodler Ahab in my S&B Zeta with caran d’ache. 

I could not resist drawing the lady who was there taking pics of it. She had such an intersting stance I could not resist. Then she started talking to me. Scary!! What if she wanted to look?! 


 We even photographed a white trillium together. 


 There were yellow trillium everywhere along the trail. 


 The trail was loaded with flowers and  


a small black snake. 


 It  wound along by Fighting Creek. 

A lovely easy trail.  

Thanks for looking.