Day 269 – Sometimes It’s Easy¬†

and then sometimes you look and wonder HOW did you make that mistake. This painting has a BIG mistake. Can you find it?!  


Another hat and mannequin from Cosbys Apparel during my mad sketching downtown last week. 

In my Stillman and Birn Zeta with Noodler Flex loaded with De Artrementis brown document ink. 


 The background was easy to do. I actually wrote the lyrics to In Your Easter Bonnet by Irving Berlin with a soft 4B pencil in the background.  Then I smudged it.  After that I painted it out with a mix of white gouache, a bit of all the other colors on the pallette to make a buff-yellow blue and English red. Paint it only enough to blur the writings but not completely obscure it. 

The face and neck was washed with DS Quin Coral and Hansa Yellow and allowed to dry. Shadows were done with burnt sienna and cerulean which was allowed to mix on the page. I only painted one color at a time. The wet on wet let them mix. I also softened the edges. More DS Quin Coral was used on the cheeks and the lips. 

The hat. Oh my. It was painted with yellow ochre. Then the lace was painted with the  DS Quin Coral. I tried not to define it too much.  


 The hat decorations were painted with  DS Quin Coral and yellow ochre.  Shadows are Piemonite and cerulean. I really need to practice painting flowers. I need to remember to do more wet on wet. 

 The sequins and diamond paste was done by dipping the end of my brush in white gouache.  You can easily make circles that way. 

Glove shadows cerulean and yellow ochre or burnt sienna. Same thing on the pearl shadows. 


Lettering done with sepia doc Martin ink and a paint brush, my number 2 Isabey. Love that brush. 

So have you figured out what’s wrong with this painting yet?!  Her hand is backwards.  I took a photo of my hand to draw it and of course I took it from the wrong side.  DUH.