Day 293 – So many sketches 

 which should I post?!  I have been painting up a storm the last few days and I keep drawing more to paint. Sooner or later I will get them all posted. 


I drew the Locks at Savannah Rapida last Thursday when I was at the Savannah Rapids park for The Newcomers Lunch and a talk by the head of the Savannah River Keeper  ( who does her best to keep the Savannah from being the most polluted river in the country instead of the fifth like it is now. 

Glad I live above the pollution but both Augusta and Columbia County drink from the pollution as well as dump their waste in it so we can drink it. 😜 The things you learn at lunch. 

Drawn in my Stillman and Birn Zeta with my Noodler Creaper Ahab and Carbon Black Ink. Colors. Well just about everything on my pallette but the yellow. 

This was painted from background to foreground a cobalt sky and trees painted at one go. 

Trees. The greens are yellow ochre or sap green mixed with viridian. 

Same mix for the water with more cerulean. But the water was added LAST! Don’t forget to leave the whites. Hard to do!  

Greys are mixed with burnt sienna or burnt umber and ultramarine blue. Rust is burnt sienna but you knew that. 

Rocks I added yellow ochre to the grey mix. 

The locks were painted right before the water. 

Gel pen for hand rails. White gouache seemed like too much work! 

Thanks for looking.