Day 290 – A Special! 

Only ten more days to go til I have posted 300 days in a row.  Who would have thought I would get this far. Not me!
You all know I like to draw my lunch breakfast dinner desert.  I like to draw food especially if it’s colorful.

 The inner bean special
 So today I drew my lunch.  The inner bean special which I highly recommend. A boarshead turkey blt topped with their homemade ranch dressing on oatmeal bread with a spring green salad and balsamic dressing.  Yum I even liked the purple onion and ranch dressing – two things I normally don’t eat. 

Drawn in my stillman and Birn Zeta with my Noodler Creaper Ahab with Carbon platinum black Ink. The Noodler flex nib pens are such fun because you can get such a great variety of line with them. They are inexpensive and my favorite pen. 

About the painting

Colors used. Every color on my pallette except viridian and phthalo green. 

The sand which was done by brushing it first with a mix of pale yellow ochre and raw Sienna with a tiny bit of indigo. I let it dry and sponged it with a darker version of the same mix at least twice.  The edge of the bread is burnt sienna burnt umber and ultramarine blue.  

First I washed the salad with a pale green made with sap green and a bit of cobalt. I let that dry and mixed the same colors making  a darker green. Last I added cobalt and ultramarine for the dark shadows. 

The red in the salad is vermilion. The darker red are done by adding cobalt to the mix. 

The walnuts are the same colors as the bread starting light and going darker with each wash adding ultramarine and burnt umber at the last to make the lights pop. 

Salad dressing is vermilion with bits of cobalt. 

Tea is burnt sienna cobalt and a bit of vermilion to make the purples. 

Napkin –  burnt sienna and cerulean. One of my favorite greys. 

The darkest greys and blacks are made with indigo and burnt umber sometimes with a dash of vermilion. 

Vermilion also makes a great purple onion. 

I did most of the shadowing with  burnt umber and ultramarine blue.  


TIP:  Shadows are important. The dark shadows serve to make the lights pop.  

 Can you see where I went back in and added the darker colors in this painting. I think it looks a lot better now.  What do you think? 

Thanks for looking!