Day 275 – Rick Misbehaving

I started drawing Rick when my son and I were binge watching Walking Dead. 


It was the episode that they are arriving in Alexandria  and he was sitting still being interviewed. So I thought draw Rick!! 


Of course as soon as I started to draw him he was done and the next interview began.  I kept trying to draw him. Oh what a mess he was. Just a little off here and there.  

This started out as an ink sketch. I didn’t like that at all so I added some caran d’ache like it was pastels. Scribbling it here and there. Adding odd ball colors like yellows,  red, light blue, and light purple. 

There are lots of things I liked about him and some not so much. I rewound and paused.  Slapped some flesh gouache to straighten out the hair line, erase bags, lengthen the cheek, sort the nose and hmm what else? Widen the brow, and get rid of a few stray ink marks. 

After the flesh colored gouache dried I added the same colors back again. Added some more black ink. I think I need to fix his neck. But otherwise he’s done. 

Thanks for looking.