Day 273 -The last post of my Bayeux Tapestry

something new tomorrow. 


 I thought that my Bayeux Tapestry would fit in this tv cabinet which is huge. NOPE. The TV is a 50″ one. I mean the book is only 210 inches. Just shy of six feet. But I think it looks cool there anyway. 


Sennelier Urban Sketch Accordion with heavy paper. 

I found a temporary replacement at Binders. A nice heavy Sennelier accordion book but it’s only about a yard long. Not quite the impact of the long moleskine.  However that paper is much better.  Heavy nice paper. You could draw on both sides I think with no problem.

Bytw I also found out that Moleskine has outsourced all their books to China. The not so great paper is really terrible now. I won’t be buying more.  I am going to bind one. 

How hard can an accordion book be!?  I got some light weight BFK Rives paper, some Stonehenge and some of Binders brand like Stonehenge to give a whirl too. Exited but will have to wait till I get home because I don’t have all the tools here to do it with. Hence the purchase of the Sennelier book. 

In the meantime here is a closeup of all the panels. Promise last post of the moleskine. Done with Pentel brush pen, colored Pitt brush pens,  tombows, flesh watercolor and flesh gouache. 


Evans Towne Center walking track and dog park


   Evans Towne Center walking track and dog park


Evans Towne Center walking track and dog park


Evans Towne Center walking track and dog park


Evans Towne Center walking track and dog park and Inner Bean 


Inner Bean 


Inner Bean and Edgewood Target Atlanta


Edgewood Target Starbucks Atlanta


Edgewood Target Starbucks  Atlanta

11 thoughts on “Day 273 -The last post of my Bayeux Tapestry

  1. Artist Elaine says:

    I love this! I’m very curious about the paper you got to make your own accordion sketchbooks. I want to do that too, but not sure where to get paper long enough to make one worth bothering with! I know there’s nothing available locally.


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks Elaine. I got regular sized paper. 20ish by 30ish. Not measured it exactly. Funny art stores don’t have rulers on their tables like fabric stores. ANYWAY I decided that IF moleskine could glue the paper together so could I. I should get 4 5″ tall lengths out of each sheet giving me a book around 240″ or I could do 3 6 1/2″ wide lengths out of each sheet which would be 180″ long. Not done the exact math. Got some book cover paper to make the covers. Consulted with the girl at the store who also makes books. Accordion books are quite easy so don’t think it should be a problem. The moleskine has a small overlap gluing 3-4 sheets of paper end to end to give the 210″ of paper. So that is how I plan to handle it. Ez!!πŸ‘


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Bytw binders has an online site. I have not used it but I heard they are great. I have ordered from Cheap Joes. I actually know him and his company is great too. Wet Paint is another I have ordered from and who are both terrific. All those places have lots of paper. Can’t go wrong with any of them.


  2. Artist Elaine says:

    Thank you, Margaret! I didn’t realize that Moleskine glues their paper together to get their length. I’ve actually not used one of theirs. I ran across Pentalic Dream Catcher accordion-fold artist “journals” at our local art supply store and bought one “draw” and one “watercolor” to try them out. They both expand to 40″ with 8 panels on one side and 10 on the other (6″ x4″ each “page”). I have been having so much fun with them and they’re not bad quality, but the watercolor one seems worse than the draw one, even though I used both for pen & ink sketches with watercolor washes. I just wanted to try putting something together at home with a little better quality paper, but had almost given up the idea because a piece of watercolor paper is 22×30 and 30″ isn’t long enough to do much. Now that I’ve learned from you, I think I’ll go back to the idea of trying my own homemade ones! I would love to know how yours come out-my art email address is in the form! And thank you again! πŸ™‚


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